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What You May See During Your 2017 Vacation

We have officially bid the 2016 holiday season farewell. And, all across the country, people are returning home from seeing friends and loved ones. With any luck, they are also looking ahead towards potential vacation time during the upcoming year. Of course, with a new year comes new trends and technology, and it is important to be aware of what is available. The LA Times recently took a look at what is in store for travel in 2017.

  • Lodging – A new type of lodging may be making its debut in the new year. Jo&Joe will offer lodging aimed at Millennials, where quarters can be configured based on individual needs.
  • Hotels – If you choose to go the traditional hotel route, the good news is that rates aren’t expected to increase very much (outside of California) in the upcoming year.
  • Air WiFi – Everyone wants to have access to WiFi, even from 35,000 feet in the air. Expect airlines to continue to switch towards better connectivity, allowing for more reliable and faster browsing.

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