October Travel Ideas

Has the time come for you and your loved ones to get away? There is only so long that everyone can take the same old routine. However, not everybody has the chance to get away all that often. If you have some time off this month, it is always worth checking out spots that will be noteworthy. CN Traveler recently wrote a blog, discussing the best places to travel during the month of October.

  • Key West, FL – If you are looking for an interesting Halloween spot, Key West is for you. Fantasy Fest is a ten day festival, concluding with a parade that is generally watched by about 70,000.
  • New Orleans, LA – Sticking with the Halloween theme, why not check out what’s called America’s most haunted city? October is also a very dry month for New Orleans, so you won’t have to bring an umbrella everywhere.
  • San Francisco, CA – Many people claim that the biggest negative of San Francisco is the climate. However, September and October are considered the exceptions, making this a great time to check this area out.

If you have some time to travel the globe, October is a great month to do so. Everybody will be traveling for the holidays, and October represents an opportunity to avoid major crowds. Trending Travel would love to help you start the planning process for your next trip. They can even assist things by providing travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, general travel expertise and more. Contact Trending Travel, today, and get things underway.

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