4th of July Weekend Travel Tips

July 4th weekend has arrived, and that means many people are traveling. Throughout the United States, people are heading to their friends and family, ensuring a great time for the holiday. However, whenever a lot of people are traveling, preparations must be made to avoid stressful situations. Even if you have already made it to your destination, there is still the return trip coming up. That means it is the perfect time to check out a AAA discussion of July 4th weekend travel safety tips.

As reported by AAA, travel is expected to reach a record 43 million this July 4th weekend. Amazingly, that number is five million people higher than the amount who traveled during Memorial Day weekend. A combination of lower gas prices and an increased confidence in the economy are said to be the causes for the uptick in travel. With 84% of people traveling by car, AAA recommends you use the three second rule (making sure to avoid passing the same object within three seconds of the car in front of you). Of course, law enforcement will be out in full swing, so make sure to bring a designated driver as always.

As with just about any holiday, increased traffic can be anticipated and handled. This weekend is no different, and you’ll want to make sure to be ready to share the road with countless vehicles. And, if you are ready to plan your next vacation, you can bring in Trending Travel for assistance. They can help out with travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, general travel expertise and more. Contact Trending Travel, today, and get the process started.

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