Surviving Travel With A Wi-FI Only iPad

With the official start of summer only about a week away, travel season is heating up. For many people, this time represents the only opportunity to get away for the entire year. Because of that, it always pays to try to take advantage of things, and make your trip as memorable as possible. Are you thinking about taking your iPad along for the trip, but are concerned about the potential lack of internet spots? CNET recently wrote an article about how to travel with a Wi-Fi only iPad.

  • Download – Before you head out on your trip, download your favorite music and movies onto your iPad. Of course, this can take a while, so don’t attempt to do this as you’re about to walk out the door for your trip.
  • Maps – Taking Google Maps offline can be a life saver. Search for a city, save your map offline, zoom into what you need,  and download things.
  • Wi-Fi – When you aren’t using Wi-Fi, it is a good idea to turn the capability off on your device. Otherwise, you may find that your battery gets drained pretty quickly.

Many people prefer to bring technology along for the ride during vacation. However, knowing the best way to use your device can allow you to avoid some stressful situations. Trending Travel would love to help you plan the trip of a lifetime. And, they have the travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, and general travel expertise to enable that to happen. Contact Trending Travel, today, and get the process started.

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