The Future of Travel on Kickstarter

Few industries are impacted by technology as much as the travel industry. Each new innovation makes traveling just a little bit easier, and that is an important factor. Stress is the quickest way to ruin a trip, and the easier your travel experience is, the less likely you are to face that. Are you curious what the future of travel technology holds? WFAA recently wrote an article, sharing the coolest travel products currently on Kickstarter.

  • Lifepack – This solar powered backpack will make charging your devices much easier and more energy efficient. This piece of luggage has a solar powered USB charger, integrated locking cable, and portable bluetooth speaker.
  • Jeans – These jeans are actually called, “The Best Travel Jeans in the World.” These pants have a hidden zipper back pocket, a fifth pocket capable of fitting an iPhone 6, and are said to be as comfy as sweatpants.
  • AirBolt – Are you tired of having to take off your suitcase lock with a tiny key? AirBolt ensures that you can unlock your bags by simply entering a code on your smartphone. It also happens to be TSA-compliant.

It is already mid-March, and that means that summer is only a few months away. You will probably want to start your travel planning, if you haven’t done so yet. Trending Travel wants to make sure that your next trip is the best one you have ever experienced. They can assist you with travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, general travel expertise and more. Contact Trending Travel, today, and let the experts help you plan an incredible experience.

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