Biggest Travel Trends From 2015


Were you able to take advantage of your vacation time during 2015? If so, did it result in the vacation of a lifetime for you and your loved ones? There were many travel trends that stuck out during the prior year, and some may look familiar to you. Do you want to do a little reminiscing before the new year? CNN recently wrote an article, highlighting the biggest travel trends from 2015.

  • Frequent Flyers – In the past, frequent flyer miles were given based on miles traveled. However, things have shifted towards rewarding money spent.
  • Seats – The standard seating system has gotten a new look for many airlines. Some have even experimented by turning passengers to face each other.
  • Airbnb – Airbnb is allowing for more convenient and cheaper travel. There are many options available that simply weren’t in the past.

If any of this sounds familiar, you were one of many taking advantage of the latest trends. With 2016 right around the corner, there is bound to be a lot more to look forward to. Trending Travel can help you utilize any number of possibilities to make sure you have a fantastic trip. They can provide travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, general travel expertise and more. Contact Trending Travel, today, and get the planning process started.

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