Thanksgiving Air Travel Will Be Busy

With the calendars firmly turned to November, air travel is about to pick up. Thanksgiving is on the way, and with it, one of the busier air travel times of the year. Of course, things only get crazier as Christmas time creeps closer, as well. Both of these times of year can be costly, if you haven’t planned your travel ahead of time. Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, and The Detroit News discussed how busy things will be.

According to the article, travel is expected to be quite busy during the 12-day Thanksgiving period. The anticipated 3% increase will see the travel number hit 25.3 million people, marking the highest number since the recession. Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago are said to be preparing to be the three busiest airports in the country. However, with fees falling, at least people can expect to be paying a reasonable amount for their travel, especially if they booked ahead of time. November 29th (Sunday) is expected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday period, followed by November 30th and November 25th.

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