Use Virtual Reality To Travel While You Travel

If you travel at least a decent amount, you are probably aware of the normal amenities of a hotel. You should have access to free WiFi, a fitness center, a pool, and even complimentary breakfast (if you’re lucky). If the mood should strike you, you can call for some late night room service. However, Marriott will be testing an addition to those amenities, and it is truly a unique idea. As CNBC recently reported, you may soon be able to do some extra travel from your hotel room.

Have you ever wanted to do a little traveling, without leaving your hotel room? Marriott will try to make that an option, letting guests use a virtual reality system to experience areas from around the world. Even if you are staying at a New York hotel, you can visit attractions in Chile, Beijing or Rwanda. “VR postcards” allow for a one-to-two minute experience, featuring real travelers sharing stories. Marriott is hoping to uniquely combine storytelling and technology, to give their guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

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