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Future Travel Predictions

Everybody has their own thoughts about what the future holds. People generally envision some mix of time travel and flying cars. But, what does the future hold for those who love to travel? Today recently conducted a survey of the top travel predictions for the year 2030. Don’t miss the article – the future will be here before you know it!

  • Exercise – Have you ever noticed that your physical activity dips when you go on vacation? People predict that will no longer be the case when hologram personal trainers are there to guide you, wherever you are.
  • Undersea – Everybody loves a beach vacation, but what about taking your travel underseas? Many of the people polled believe underwater hotels are coming (they do exist, but deeper than those).
  • Space – You knew it was coming. The survey counted 35% who believe that a trip to another planet will be possible by 2030.

Whatever the future holds – we will still all be ready to travel. If you need help planning a fantastic trip, go with Trending Travel. They can assist your planning with travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, and general travel expertise. Your vacation time is limited, and nobody has time to waste on a boring, mediocre trip. Contact Trending Travel, today, and get the planning process started.

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Use Virtual Reality To Travel While You Travel

If you travel at least a decent amount, you are probably aware of the normal amenities of a hotel. You should have access to free WiFi, a fitness center, a pool, and even complimentary breakfast (if you’re lucky). If the mood should strike you, you can call for some late night room service. However, Marriott will be testing an addition to those amenities, and it is truly a unique idea. As CNBC recently reported, you may soon be able to do some extra travel from your hotel room.

Have you ever wanted to do a little traveling, without leaving your hotel room? Marriott will try to make that an option, letting guests use a virtual reality system to experience areas from around the world. Even if you are staying at a New York hotel, you can visit attractions in Chile, Beijing or Rwanda. “VR postcards” allow for a one-to-two minute experience, featuring real travelers sharing stories. Marriott is hoping to uniquely combine storytelling and technology, to give their guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Fashion Hacks for Air Travel

For some people, taking a vacation means selecting a few comfortable outfits, and focusing on the journey. However, others would prefer to bring their most stylish items, and travel in style. If you are one of those who would prefer to look fashionable throughout your trip, there are options. This is true even if you are flying to your destination (with limited bag space). Bustle recently provided an article full of fashion hacks for people traveling by air.

  • Wardrobe – According to the piece, most of us only wear about 20% of our wardrobe. So, bring your favorite outfits, and you should be able to survive the trip without a ton of baggage.
  • Shoes – It may be tempting to bring your fanciest shoes, but when you are traveling, comfort is king. Bring only comfortable shoes, and you won’t regret things.
  • Southwest – For those looking to bring more than just a few outfits, Southwest offers two free bags on every single flight. This may be your best option, if you can’t narrow down your clothing options.

There are plenty of other travel hacks on the article, if you tired of dressing casually throughout your vacations. These ideas may be perfect for your situation. However, regardless of whether your wardrobe is a priority, Trending Travel can help you plan an amazing experience. They provide travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, general travel expertise, and more. Contact Trending Travel, today, and let them help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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Travel Jacket Getting Support

There is no doubt that traveling can be a stressful process. You want to pack everything you might need, but where does it all go? If you are bringing too much baggage, your trip can get held back. What if there was a way for you to bring everything you need, and also be able to carry things in your possession the whole time? A travel jacket has received a ton of support on Kickstarter, and may provide just what you need.

As reported by The Economist, a travel jacket has broken the record for most Kickstarter support. The target of $20,000 was exceeded in a big way, as $9 million has been pledged for the product. The travel jacket comes with 15 different pockets, each of which is designed for something unique. You can store tablets, passports, sunglasses, blankets and much more. If this sounds like the answer to your traveling prayers, keep an eye on the production.

A little convenience can go a long way towards making your next trip a success. However, if you need a little help along the way, you’ll want to check out Trending Travel. They can provide you and your loved ones with travel vouchers, discounted travel rates, general travel expertise, and more. Don’t put off planning your trip until the very last minute! Contact Trending Travel, today, and start planning the trip of a lifetime.

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