Traveling With Your Pet

If you have been on enough vacations, you understand how stressful the process can be. Whether it is having a bag lost on a flight, experiencing turbulence, or encountering problems with a rental car, the most relaxing time of your year isn’t always so relaxing. Plus, the more family you bring along, the more opportunities for strange things to happen. But, what if you have a pet that you just can’t leave at home? USA Today recently shared these myths about pet travel.

  • Cargo – Many horror stories go around about the pet cargo area being too hot or too cold. According to the piece, the pet cargo is temperature and pressure controlled, just like your cabin.
  • Safer by car – Many people claim that it is easier to travel with your pet by automobile. While this can allow you to have greater control over the situation, the added travel time may put too much stress on your animal. It always depends on the situation and animal.
  • Sedatives – Some believe that having their pet on tranquilizers can allow travel to be easier on their animals. However, these things can have negative consequences on an animal, including effects on heart rate, blood pressure and more.

If you have to travel with your pet, you are the best person to decide how to handle things. After all, nobody knows your pet better than you. Once that part is settled, you’ll want to use Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida to help plan your trip. They will be happy to use their general travel expertise and discounted rates to help you enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Contact Smart Travel & Incentives, today, and see how they can help your next vacation.

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