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Summer Travel Gadgets

The summer is quickly approaching, and that means your vacation time is probably coming. Most of us don’t have much opportunity for travel, so when the time comes, you need to take advantage. Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida would love to provide you with discounted travel rates and general expertise. This is expected to be an extremely busy summer, with regards to travel, so you want to be ready ahead of time. These gadgets, as listed by Forbes, may make your trip all the more sweet.

  • BlueTooth Speaker – Worried that your vacation may spell the end of quality music? A BlueTooth speaker will allow you to enjoy your playlist in any random spot.
  • Noise canceling headphones – There is no telling when you’ll want to avoid random noises. Whether you want to avoid hearing random people, or even your own family, noise canceling headphones can be a great investment.
  • USB battery pack – Need a way to ensure all of your devices stay charged? A USB battery pack will let you charge things, without taking up a ton of space.

You don’t want to still be thinking about a plan when your vacation time starts. You need to maximize your time to make sure that you can enjoy everything to the fullest. Smart Travel & Incentives has helped many families enjoy the trip of a lifetime, and you can be next. Let the experts help you discover some amazing sights this summer! Contact Smart Travel & Incentives, today, and get the planning process started.

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Expect Busy Summer For Air Travel

As we get closer and closer to summer, it is time to really start thinking about your vacation plans. Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida can help you enjoy your trip with discounted travel rates and general expertise. They want to make sure that you take advantage of the limited travel time that you have. Are you thinking about air travel this summer? Well, as USA Today reports, you are one of the many who are expected to participate in what could be the busiest summer for air travel in history. Some of the facts and numbers:

  • An estimated 222 million travelers are expected to fly from June 1 through Aug. 31 (previous high 217 million in 2007).
  • An average of 2.4 million people will travel every single day (including 332,000 on international flights).
  • 13 of the busiest 15 travel days of the year occur during summer months.
  • The busiest travel day is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, while number three is the Friday before Memorial Day. Just about everything else is from June to August.

Are you struggling to plan the perfect summer trip? A little advice from Smart Travel & Incentives can go a long way. They have been around long enough to know what enhances a trip, and what may kill it. Don’t go through the planning process with blind guesses! Contact Smart Travel & Incentives, today, and let them assist your travel planning.

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Best Airlines For Summer Travel

Are you getting excited about summer travel plans? You probably don’t have a ton of opportunities to get away from the grind, so we don’t blame you for being beyond ready to take off. Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida is a Florida travel agency ready to give you discounted travel rates and general expertise. Is your summer trip going to involve airline transportation? Forbes recently provided a list of the best and worst big airlines to use this summer.

  • Delta – Delta registered as the top big airline in terms of arriving on time. In the last three years, 81.89% of flights on Delta have arrived on time. No other major airline was able to crack the 80% barrier.
  • US Airways – This airline came in just below 80% for on time arrivals. US Airways has merged with American Airlines, though you can still find US Airways flights.
  • Southwest Airlines – Southwest came in at number three in terms of on time arrivals. A little over three in every four flights makes it on time.

You can read more about these airlines and others on the article. A vacation is no time for stress, so it is important to choose an airline that will get you to your destination on time. If you need a little help with your vacation planning, talk to the experts at Smart Travel & Incentives. They can help make sure you have the best vacation possible! Contact Smart Travel & Incentives, today, and get the planning process started.

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Save Money On Travel

Summer time is on the way, and that means many people are planning their upcoming vacations. For some, it will be the only chance to escape the daily grind for the entire year. Either way, Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida can help with discounted rates and travel expertise. One thing that we can all agree on is that we want to save money on our vacation plans. Time recently wrote an article with tips on saving money during your summer travel.

  • Budget – If you aren’t looking to spend a ton, maybe international travel shouldn’t be on your list. If you know what type of trip you are looking for, you can eliminate options without wasting time.
  • Airfare – When you buy airline tickets can really impact the price. Look at non-peak travel times, and reap the benefits of savings.
  • Rewards – Building up credit card rewards can pay off big time during vacation. Check things out and see how much you can save.

You can read about these tips and others on the article. There is nothing wrong with trying to save some money on your next trip. Regardless, Smart Travel & Incentives wants to help make sure it is your most memorable vacation ever. If you go into the process without any help, you may waste your already small amount of time off. Contact Smart Travel & Incentives, today, and see how they can assist you.

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