Usaquen – A Hidden Gem in Bogota’s Capital District, Part 1

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone, meaning Memorial Day is only a couple of weeks away.  Soon thereafter, schools will be out for the summer. You are probably looking for great vacation ideas that won’t blow up your budget. Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida wants to help you find spectacular places at affordable prices for your upcoming vacation. They have travel vouchers to help make your next trip one that you and your family will remember forever.  Here is a review of a destination that will be memorable for your whole family… and potentially life-changing for you.

For the traveler or family who looks for opportunities to encounter unique, interesting, memorable and educational experiences, Bogota, Colombia offers a cornucopia of sights and sounds that will capture your imagination.  One of the most popular places to go is Usaquen, particular during their weekly Flea Market on Sundays.  Travelers rank it # 1 out of 22 places to go shopping in Bogota on TripAdvisor.  It received similarly high marks on other travel review sites, as well.

Usaquen is a residential and commercial district in the northeastern part of Bogota.  Although it is now recognized as a main part of the city, Usaquen was actually a separate municipality until only 60 years ago.  It was officially annexed into Bogota in 1954, according to Wikipedia.

Usaquen is a beautiful area, with a significant portion built right into the Cordillera Oriental (East Andes) mountain range to the east.  The time it takes you to get there from wherever you are staying in Bogota is well worth the trip, particularly during its well-known Flea Market.  Walking around the cobblestone streets in the town square area, I could feel the history of the town permeate my every sense.

As I checked out the statue dedicated to Simon Bolivar located in the town green, a group of college kids happened by.  They were working on a project for their English class… so I ended up as an interview subject for their documentary.  After a few laughs and a jocular exchange of friendly conversation, they were able to get me to follow along their script enough to call it a wrap after the 3rd take.  They reminded me of what is best of the typical college student, no matter where you are around the world – the eternal belief that “I will make a positive difference in this world” which permeates their being.

In the second part of this piece on Usaquen, I will describe my experiences at the Flea Market, and the really cool local coffee house that I enjoyed several cups of tea – and trying to bridge the language barrier between myself and my girlfriend’s jovial aunt.

Summer travel season is quickly approaching and you need to make your plans now if you are going to go to highly desirable places like Usaquen. If you wait much longer, you may not be able to pull together a trip in time. You work hard and deserve a memorable trip, so let Smart Travel & Incentives help you plan. Their travel vouchers can help you find the perfect place to stay that fits into your budge, and their reviews should keep you away from any destination that is less than you truly desire. With help from Smart Travel & Incentives, get ready for the best vacation you’ve ever had.


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