Looking Ahead to 2014 Summer Travel

At Smart Travel & Incentives of Lake Mary, Florida, they are prepared to help you have the trip of a lifetime no matter what time of year it is. They have travel vouchers to help you plan the perfect trip, and will review many locations with you and your family. However, they are quite aware that summer is the time of year that many people look to get away. That is why everyone keeps an eye on the trends that are developing for the upcoming summer travel season. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article that looks ahead at potential trends for this summer’s travel.

Are you and your loved ones looking for a potential bargain trip this summer? Well, according to the Journal, both Milan and Russia are going to be possible cheap choices. Obviously, Russia hasn’t been in the most positive light lately, but a trip there will cost you a lot less than a trip to London or Paris. Rio de Janeiro is going to be a hot spot this summer, as they get ready to host the World Cup. Even domestic sales are up by about 5%, meaning this summer should be filled with travel.

Smart Travel & Incentives wants to help you enjoy a great trip. If you are like the many people who are waiting for the summer, make sure that you book an incredible time. Smart Travel & Incentives travel vouchers can help ensure you of a fantastic trip with memories to last a lifetime. Their knowledge of the globe can help you avoid boring destinations and potential pitfalls. Reward your hard work with the trip you deserve this summer with help from Smart Travel & Incentives.

For more information visit http://www.travelsmartincentives.com


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